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Miracles Relationships and “The Course” with Diane Brook Gusic

  Miracles Relationships and The Course: The Heart of “A Course in Miracles” deals with relationship…psychologically, metaphysically and practically. The Course helps us to use all the relationships to heal our un conscience destructive belief systems. It trains us to recognize our real intentions, by making us aware of the ego’s usual projections, especially in […]

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The Rules of Victory

  How to Transform Chaos and Conflict—Strategies from The Art of War Read by James Gimian Reviews of The Rules of Victory “James Gimian has been amazingly skillful at translating Sun Tzu’s Art of War into everyday lessons that our global management team can apply on a daily basis.”—Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO, Description […]

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5 Keys to Mastery

  This inspirational program is inspired by George Leonard’s Five Keys To Success and features interviews with Carlos Santana, BB King and other highly talented and successful people from all walks of life. The program culminates with an insightful interview with George Leonard himself. The program includes a digital booklet outlining the 5 Keys. A […]

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Politics of Feeling with James Hillman

  Seven & One Half (7.5) CE credits available! » CE Credits from BetterListen! Learn More Want to buy the CE credits only? If you already purchased this title, you can purchase the CE credits separately. NOTE: CE credits are available for US customers only. CE credits are available instantly. COURSE OBJECTIVES: Utilize a steady stream of wisdom, […]

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