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Awakening The Physician Within – Emmett Miller – Free MP3

Buy Awakening the Physician Within by Dr. Emmett Miller

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Dr. Emmett Miller: Mind-Body Healing

Dr. Emmett Miller discusses a radical process of mind-body healing. Dr. Emmett Miller is one of the primary fathers of Mind-Body medicine in the world whose work has brought millions to experience greater inner peace, clarity, healing and optimal performance. As a board memory of Warriors for Healing, Dr. Miller works with W4H founder Brad […]

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10 Minute Stress Manager

Guided stress manager by Dr. Emmett Miller. Each of the two experiences here are ten minutes of guided meditation followed by ten minutes of ocean sounds and music. The full download is available at…-emmett-miller  

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Mind-Body Medicine

Dr. Emmett Miller is a physician, health educator, author, and a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine. He teaches when you are responsive to your internal and external environments, the mind and body become alive and attuned, and acts in accord with changing experience. The result is wellness and high levels of performance and […]

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