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Excerpt from "Science and the Inner Experience" with Edgar Mitchell

ImageScience&theInnerExperience In honor of Neil Armstrong's life, we are delighted to share with you this transcribed excerpt from fellow astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s talk on “Science and the Inner Experience” 


Move out now further into space.  See the shape of the earth as a sphere.  Let’s move on out until we see the earth about as we would see it -- the size of a ball, a baseball held at arms length.  Look at that magnificent little planet blue and white, peaceful.   The turmoil that goes on underneath that layer of atmosphere and those clouds is not evident to us here.  We recognize it as a haven of life, our home, our planet. As far as we know for sure, the only haven of life in our galaxy, but as we suspect, probably not the only one.  But a beautiful little planet in the immensity of space and set in the background, billions and billions of points of light. Far more so -- ten times more than we can possibly see from the surface of the earth. Representing stars, galaxies, galactic clusters, billions and billions of such points of light, and our tiny little planet about the size of a ball held at arms length.  A beautiful peaceful haven for life. And in the immensity of the universe all of a sudden you feel connected. 


We are all apart of the same thing.  There is a connection.  There is intelligence.  There is a feeling of oneness, an extension of self.  And it’s a joyous and wonderful experience.  As I experienced it at this point coming back from the moon and looking at the earth, suddenly I recognized that our scientific description of reality of this universe was far from complete. Our model was not yet filled out, and on the other hand our religious descriptions of ourselves, of creation, of the universe --  all of them were somewhat flawed and incomplete as well. In other words, our knowledge of who and what we are.  How we got here.  Where we came from and where we are going is very inadequate at this point in history, and yet there is a feeling of intelligence, of peace, of abundance, of process, that gives one comfort and joy in observing this magnificent universe of which we are a part.  Contemplate that for a moment. See this little planet from that perspective, and see if you experience it as I did.


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Edgar Mitchell Bio and Links

Your Universe and You by Captain Edgar Mitchell

BL Mitchell Universe300 In this installment of the series with Captain Edgar Mitchell, again we are challenged to re-think our place in the universe and role in its unfolding.

"The evidence is clear that we are in evolving, creating, self organizing, learning universe and ..... that instead of being passive participants in this play we are the major actors and have been all along. We just forgot who and what we are."
Edgar Mitchell Bio and links

Running Time:
146 minutes
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also available on Dr. Edgar Mitchell - Your Universe and You - Sixth Human Being to Walk on the Moon

Global Mind Change by Dr. Edgar Mitchell


Join Dr. Mitchell in a further exploration of humanity, science, fulfillment, what it means to be a human and our place in the universe.

Part of the 3 lecture series, recorded in the 90's are perhaps more relevant than ever.

"I suggest to you that the way we need to look at it is because we are not really physical beings yearning for a spiritual experience.  We are in reality eternal creative beings.  Creating a physical experience and it takes quite a shift in mind set to get your self around that one." - Edgar Mitchell Bio and links

Running Time:
128 minutes
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also available on Dr. Edgar Mitchell - Global Mind Change - Global Mind Change, Pt. 1

Dr. Edgar Mitchell Collection on MP3 - On Humankind's Challenges

Edgarmitchells In the mid-1990s, Apollo 14 astronaut and Institute of Noetic Sciences founder Dr. Edgar Mitchell gave three inspired presentations in New York City. For the first time these titles are now available to the public. They are:

•    “Science and the Inner Experience”
•    “Your Universe and You”
•    “Global Mind Change”

These phenomenal recordings, no less relevant now than they were then, emphasize the fact that humankind is facing the same issues today as it did at the end of the last millennium. Putting modern times in the broad context of science, history, and the precarious state of our environment, Dr. Mitchell echoes the sentiment that "God did not play dice" when he/she created the universe. He then stitches these concepts together into an easy-to-grasp and accessible series of presentations that can help listeners to better understand the nature of existence and start taking the steps needed to ensuring a globally sustainable future. Edgar Mitchell Bio and Links

Running Time for
The Edgar Mitchell Collection
of 3 recordings

Your Universe and You: 146 min
Science & The Inner Experience 143 min
Global Mind Change 128 min
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also available on Dr. Edgar Mitchell - Science and the Inner Experience