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Women and Wild Animals - Author Notes Part I

Simmssml In 1983 I  began gathering the stories that eventually became this recording.  It was  a process of cutting and pasting, listening and responding, to the fact that I had so many stories, both traditional and personal that were about the relationship between human beings and animals.  So many of them about women. A friend who was a  Jungian analyst said that I was living with animal eyes and ears.   The title WOMEN AND WILD ANIMALS came to mind  one morning and so the series of tales was born. 

The first time that I told these stories was at the Center for World Music that was in a storefront downtown Manhattan at that time.  We were a storyteller and three musicians (Steve Gorn, Julia Haines and Glen Velez).  The Center was packed.  The concert lasted well over three hours and none of us, audience included, seemed worn out at all. In that time the audience became  a traditional tea house audience anywhere in the world, responding, calling out, humming along, lost in deep silence or outrageously laughing together.  These stories seemed to touch a nerve, like an acupuncture needle.

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Women and Wild Animals Notes

Simmslrg_2 "Laura Simms heals us with her stories. Women and Wild Animals brings us back home where we can listen, where we can see, where we can remember." 

Terry Tempest Williams, author of REFUGE,  RED, and FINDING BEAUTY IN A BROKEN WORLD

"She is as good as our ancestors"  Maori elder,
Rotorua, 1983

'These stories are vibrant and rich with the human spirit and its relationship with all things in the universe and beyond." Simon Ortiz, author of THE PEOPLE SHALL CONTINUE