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What is the Best Alternative to Medication for Anxiety and Depression? A Poll

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Mindful Complementary Therapies for Depression and Anxiety

Complementary therapies are mental health treatment approaches that aren’t normally practiced by Western psychologists and psychiatrists—though they don’t have to be in opposition to conventional Western medicine. Western medicinal therapy, alternative Western therapy, and Eastern approaches to therapy, more often than not, are fully compatible and should all be embraced. For treating depression and anxiety, no other complimentary therapy is more popular […]

The post Mindful Complementary Therapies for Depression and Anxiety appeared first on WisdomFeed.

On Suffering

MWbookHere is an excerpt from our friend, Marianne Williamson’s new book, Tears To Triumph. We hope you enjoy.

Every few years, Williamson steps forward with her finger on the pulse of an emerging trend. Rather than predict, however, she defines. Tears to Triumph is an exceptional example of her skill…an exceptionally timely and relevant treatise.”

A book that has been perfectly timed with what we are going through as a country and universe.  We all face times in our lives when the pain of existence seems too much to bear. For some of us, these experiences happen rarely, and when they do, the pain is relatively mild. But for others of us, excruciating pain can weigh us down and make the slightest comfort difficult to achieve. Deeper and deeper we fall into the well of our own tears, into a darkness that seems to have no bottom. We wonder where all this suffering comes from. And we wonder whether it will ever end.

Themes discussed in the book:

Emotional torment — why is such suffering a part of our experience? What does it mean? And how can we survive it and even transcend it?
What is the response to suffering at the heart of all great religious teachings?
Why is it important to be fully available to our suffering, as opposed to suppressing it or numbing it?
Why has our suffering become a profit center for the pharmaceutical industry?
What is the relationship between our suffering as individuals and the collective forces that are depressing us all?
What is the role of forgiveness and love in freeing us from our pain? What are the spiritual principles that deliver us to happiness, and how do we apply them?

“This book is a spiritual reflection on human suffering, both its cause and its transcendence. Spirituality is not some pale-pink, gauzy, psychologically unsophisticated understanding of the world. Rather, it represents the most profound elucidation of how the mind operates and how it filters our experience. It recognizes the extraordinary depth of our most fundamental yearning—our yearning for love— and the extraordinary pain that we feel when we don’t find it.

There is an epidemic of depression in our world today, and a myriad of options for how to treat it. Just as there are natural remedies for disease within the body, there are natural remedies for disease within the mind. And by a “natural remedy” for depression I do not mean herbs or homeopathic remedies; I mean the practical application of love and forgiveness as a medicine for the soul.