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It's Not About the Tights with Chris Brogan


 Today we are pleased to bring you an excerpt from a new release - It's Not About The Tights with Chris Brogan. In this title, Chris helps us to learn how we are the superhero we've been waiting for, to find the success points in our life. Read on for a brief excerpt and click below to hear a free audio sample. 

There are many things that we believe that we do or don’t practice ourselves. Some we support. Others we abhor. But we believe that they are real, that they exist. So, whether or not you’re willing to own your bravery, can you agree that it exists? That it’s part of what you believe? That’s a start.

Sometimes, I am not brave. Sometimes, I haven’t made the right choice. I will likely make choices that are less brave again at some point in my future. And I will seek to forgive myself. I will learn. And I’ll do what I can to work on my bravery again. Bravery is about moving forward, because we can never go back.

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It's All About the Tights with Chris Brogan

For whatever reason, we tend to think that "someone" is going to make us better, that we're broken, that we're missing the key ingredients to succeed. We feel envy and we're certain that we're the only failures this world has ever seen. It's a tough row to hoe.

Plenty of people have written books that talk about being positive. Others have written up plans that tell you what you're missing. In this case, all I promise you is a cape.

I'll teach you about Confidence, Acceptance, Permission, and Execution, and how Practice in all those areas will guide you to find those missing success points in your life.

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