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Beyond Success: Finding Balance in Business (final preview)

We are pleased to bring you the final preview of this excerpt from the Ram Dass title "Beyond Success: Finding Balance in Business".  Learn how to gain balance in your life, learn effective strategies for happiness, in order to reach your full potential, both personally and professionally. 

I was with a man a few weeks ago in New York City. He was working in Coney Island with one of the rides in Coney Island, selling the ride. He is in real estate in New York City and all around the world. His net worth is, I don’t know, probably 75 to 100 million. His children are all in therapy, very neurotic. His wife is heavy on the valium. He has a private yacht, airplane, many homes. He has an office in which he has three rooms so he can have three deals going at once. It’s showbiz.

He’s just rushing from one deal to another. The more chaos the more excitement, the more excitement the more gratification. His family has gone, everything else in his life has gone, but the deal.  And the bigger the risk for the deal, the more the adrenalin pumps, the more sweat, the more the excitement and the more he can embroil everybody in the drama for the rush he’s getting. And he’s got to keep doing it.

He can’t stop. He can’t stop for an evening off. He can’t stop for a vacation. They mean nothing to him. He’s just got to keep going.  It's as much of an addiction as a heroin addiction. It’s an addiction in that he only feels alive at the moment when he is playing with that risk.  It’s like a gambler at Las Vegas, it’s the risk-taking behavior that is reinforcing him for playing at that leading edge and it’s very exciting and very heady stuff, and he can’t stop, and he keeps playing it more and more, and working on further margins, and at any moment, one wrong move and then they go under.

Loss is even part of the game as far as they are concerned, and they just start again. It’s part of the excitement, and the adrenalin hit.  Now, that one is based on the model that more is better and if this is good, more is even better.  That’s part of the myth, that more is always better.

Beyond Success: Finding Balance in Business (preview 2)

We are pleased to bring you part two of this excerpt from the Ram Dass title "Beyond Success: Finding Balance in Business".  Learn how to gain balance in your life, learn effective strategies for happiness, in order to reach your full potential, both personally and professionally.  

Some people who have been very successful in this culture, who have won in a big way and in their early wins, were part of the moving-forward success, and they were very, very excited and each win was another marker along the way.  Then, as they got a greater margin of success, it was harder to see it as a path because they saw that the difference, for example, between having 20 million and 80 million wasn’t going to really change the style of their life that much.  It was going to put them in a different league with other players, but it wasn’t going to change the style of their life that much. They began to feel that the excitement or the feelings of the gratification that success brought with each act started to diminish as the successes got greater and greater, which is a very strange experience.

You would think they would get higher and higher but they don’t seem to. for the early successes, of the first good deal has a certain gratification.  But, the facts of the future deals are a very different kind of psychological experience than the first deal. You do a thing, it gives you a certain feeling of happiness or fulfillment or pleasure, and that is just like a rat in a maze, that the animal learns to turn right and get a pellet, you get that certain feeling.  Everybody looks at you and smiles, you’re doing well, you’re doing wonderfully, come be with us, let’s have lunch together, and then at that moment you are motivated to try the next one and the next one, and that is the route of what often turns out to be an addiction, or an obsession.

Beyond Success: Finding Balance in Business with Ram Dass


Excerpt from Ethical Intelligence with Bruce Weinstein

We are delighted to share with you this transcribed excerpt from Ethical Intelligence with Bruce Weinstein. This lively and fun seminar will help you learn to increase  your ethics IQ not only in business, but in every aspect of your life. 

What would you do in the following situations?

Number one: You wake up one morning with the flu. Would you stay home and rest?  All right, why would you stay home and rest when you have the flu?  Because you don’t want to get everybody else sick. Who would stay home and work?  All right. Why would you do that?  Because you like to accomplish things, right?  So the next question is, who would go to work but avoid socializing with people?  And why would you do that?  Because of the demand at work?  And who would go to work but socialize only with the people you do not like?  Well, some people would do that too!

Situation number two: If this is your friend Tommy, and this is Tommy’s new Facebook profile photo…… (laughter). In his profile, he mentions where he works, he mentions the company by name. Would you tell Tommy “I think you should take that photo down”?  Why would you suggest to Tommy that he take this photo down?  Because he could be risking his job?  Who would not say anything to Tommy?  Why would you not say anything?  Probably because you don’t care what he has on his Facebook profile.  And who would press the “Like” button next to the photo?  And why would you press the “Like” button?  Because that might be you. OK. Thank you for your honesty. Humor is always good in an ethics seminar!

Situation number three: This is one of your employees, her name is Jane, and you can see Jane does not have a particularly strong work ethic.

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