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Chanting Breath by Breath with Thich Nhat Hanh

We are pleased to bring you this new release of Chanting Breath by Breath with Thich Nhat  Hanh and the Monks & Nuns of Plum Village. 


In Plum Village, the practice of chanting in English is a flower, slowly blossoming. The chants and music on this CD are some of the first petals to open on this beautiful flower. Chanted by the resident community of Plum Village in 2002, these recordings include most of the chants contained in Chanting from the Heart, with live tracks from a monastic ordination ceremony and a traditional incense offering chanted by Thich Nhat Hanh in Vietnamese.


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Reality, Art and Illusion with Alan Watts

We are pleased to present this excerpt from "Reality, Art and Illusion by Alan Watts.  Come as he takes a look at how we, as people, view human beings and view the universe.

There was an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York some years ago, called ‘The New Image of Man’, and these things didn’t look like human beings at all. Some of them did, but, but that’s because ‘What does a human being look like?’; That depends on your point of view. You see, if you are prejudiced that a human being is only what is inside his skin, then you think that, when anybody paints a human being beyond those boundaries, that he has lost the image of man.

He hasn’t necessarily lost it at all. You see, there’s an old feeling that the shape of the universe is the shape of man. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that said. That man is the microcosm, and that the universe as a whole is the macrocosm. Now, as you plumb out into the universe and explore it astronomically, it gets very strange. You begin to see things in the depths that, at first sight, seem utterly remote. How could they have anything to do with us? They are so far off, and so unlikely, and in the same way, when you start probing into the inner workings of the human body, you come across all kinds of funny little monsters, and wiggly things, that bear no resemblance to what we recognize as the human image.

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Beyond Success: Finding Balance in Business (preview 2)

We are pleased to bring you part two of this excerpt from the Ram Dass title "Beyond Success: Finding Balance in Business".  Learn how to gain balance in your life, learn effective strategies for happiness, in order to reach your full potential, both personally and professionally.  

Some people who have been very successful in this culture, who have won in a big way and in their early wins, were part of the moving-forward success, and they were very, very excited and each win was another marker along the way.  Then, as they got a greater margin of success, it was harder to see it as a path because they saw that the difference, for example, between having 20 million and 80 million wasn’t going to really change the style of their life that much.  It was going to put them in a different league with other players, but it wasn’t going to change the style of their life that much. They began to feel that the excitement or the feelings of the gratification that success brought with each act started to diminish as the successes got greater and greater, which is a very strange experience.

You would think they would get higher and higher but they don’t seem to. for the early successes, of the first good deal has a certain gratification.  But, the facts of the future deals are a very different kind of psychological experience than the first deal. You do a thing, it gives you a certain feeling of happiness or fulfillment or pleasure, and that is just like a rat in a maze, that the animal learns to turn right and get a pellet, you get that certain feeling.  Everybody looks at you and smiles, you’re doing well, you’re doing wonderfully, come be with us, let’s have lunch together, and then at that moment you are motivated to try the next one and the next one, and that is the route of what often turns out to be an addiction, or an obsession.

Beyond Success: Finding Balance in Business with Ram Dass