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11 Ways to Ease Your Anxious Mind —FREE Webinar with Elisha Goldstein

  11 Ways to Ease Your Anxious Mind A FREE Webinar with Elisha Goldstein, PhD Do you often feel overwhelmed by a barrage of personal and/or work stressors, challenging life situations, or even the current political climate? Modern neuroscience has confirmed the malleable nature of the brain which means that the more time we spend […]

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Worrying Less in 5 Steps

We’ve all heard the saying that in life there are ups and down and there is the classic eastern saying that life is filled with 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows. With this there’s the wisdom that all things come and go, but the brain has a funny way of amplifying the sorrows and minimizing the […]

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7 Ways to Ease Your Anxious Mind

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No matter where you live in the world right now, for a certainty, anxiety is high with many of us. After the election there was a number attacks on mosques internationally and now there has been an onslaught of over 60 bomb threats at Jewish synagogues in the U.S. in January alone.To me this means we need to not act out of anxiety and anger, but instead to calm our nervous systems, get some perspective and then choose how we’d like to respond to our emotional tumult.  For some it will be signing petitions, for others it may be creating awareness for cultural sensitivity, and yet others may be so overwhelmed they need more direct self-care and self-compassion.

One thing we know for sure is we are active participants of our health and well-being. The first thing we need to do is regulate our emotions, creating a sense of stability and control. From this place we are level headed, have perspective and can make wiser choices.

In my work I have found 7 Ways You Can Ease an Anxious Mind.

  1. Slow down – At the first sign of things speeding up – thoughts racing, heart pounding, breathing accelerating – move a little slower.

5 Tips To Overcome Anxiety

How to overcome anxiety. Do you get nervous and a little self conscious when you walk into a room of people you don’t know? Sign up for our newsletter and receive WisdomFeed’s Mindfulness Welcome Pack courtesy of Better Listen!

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