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I Hate the Beach: Psychology of Anger

This weekend I realized I hate the beach (sort of). I do most of my reading on my smart phone, and it was too sunny to see my screen. So I sat in my beach chair trying to figure out how to relax, but I felt restless. I looked around and saw everyone else relaxing […]

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The Anger Solution

This is a unique and powerful approach to Anger and rage. Discover the differences between healthy and harmful anger with John Lee’s life-changing program. Therapist Lee’s proven method will help anyone immediately tap into the causes of their own anger, allowing them to get a handle on the emotions that cause stress and pain. Without […]

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On Anger

Fear, anger, and hatred, while negative emotions, exist in order to teach us something. When we become aware of our various emotions, we learn why we feel the way we do. When we learn why we feel the way we do, our emotions become productive, rather than destructive forces. Anger usually appears when we fail to set healthy boundaries. If we don’t recognize what our anger is trying to tell us (the wisdom of our anger), it soon descends into violence, hatred, fear, and destruction. In the lecture “Don’t Bite The Hook,” Tibetan-American Buddhist Pema Chodron teaches us how we can transform anger into compassion and love.