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Walking into Fire: Sidestepping Fear, Writing Your Heart Out, and Letting Your Story Tell Itself with Susan Piver

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Please join best-selling authors and experienced teachers Jen Louden, Susan Piver, and Patti Digh (here on out to be called DiLoPi) for a heart-expanding, writing refreshing day bursting with learning, craft, and creativity.


Here’s what you’ll get out of this audio workshop with DiLoPi:

  • Creative mojo beamed straight to your heart – seriously powerful mo-jo
  • Wildly helpful insights into the writing process (otherwise known as “I can do it that way? Really?”)
  • The visceral realization if you write, you are a writer
  • Community and connection
  • Help focusing that run away mind of yours
  • Life-changing meditation instruction
  • Nuts and bolts talk about craft
  • Fresh ways to work with — and even use — the host of critical, peevish voices you know so well but don’t need to believe any longer
  • Simple ways to use your body to summon energy and ideas
  • Straight talk about anxiety and fear, plus ways to befriend those blocks
  • Time to do some actual writing
  • Insight into finding or deepening your voice and how to access greater heart in your writing.
  • Laughter, feeling less alone, and time to ask questions!
  • Play, lightness, recharging your tired self
  • Stories that shift your perspective so you may never look at the process of writing the same way again


Running Time: 4 hours 35 minutes
ISBN: Digital Download 978-1-61544-437-3

If you do not see the play icon above, click here to listen to a preview.

If you do not see the play icon above, click here to listen to a preview.

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