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The Way of The Spiritual Warrior by David Gershon

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In this live talk, Empowerment Institute founder David Gershon uses the teachings of The Way of the Spiritual Warrior to share what he has learned about how to practically integrate effective action in the world while actively pursuing one’s spiritual development. Don Juan says "The impeccable warrior is one who can play the games of the world as well, if not better, than those who think that’s all there is.” The spiritual warrior’s path is one of creating harmony between love and power; life of action in the world and a life of spiritual contemplation; and a life of personal achievement and a life of service to others. Over the years, The Way of the Spiritual Warrior has received remarkable feedback for both its inspiration and practical tools for walking the warrior’s path. Gershon’s talk covers the seven qualities of a spiritual warrior: courage, discipline, wholeheartedness, impeccability, personal power, skillful service and balance. It also lays out a spiritual warrior training regimen. Sprinkled throughout the talk are quotes from different enlightened warrior traditions that can be translated to today’s world where one must know how to use a different kind of sword.

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Running Time: 84 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-61544-029-0

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