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Relationships and Spiritual Adulthood with Marianne Williamson

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Check out this transcribed excerpt from Marianne Williamson's lecture "Relationships and Spiritual Adulthood."  Williamson imparts wisdom that we all need to be reminded of from time to time.  This important lecture was recorded live in April 2011 in Los Angeles as part of Williamson's weekly lecture series.

"This idea that it is not our job, but to possess a person -- which is what the ego would do in sly and subtle ways.  Rather, it is our job to affirm a person. You extrapolate from that. It’s not our job to change a person. It’s our job to celebrate a person. It’s not our job to imprison a person. It is our job to free a person. You know, there is a saying in the twelve-step programs that alcoholics don’t have relationships, they hold hostages. And that’s the kind of thing that we’re talking about here. The ways that we sometimes, in the name of love, pretending to ourselves, “I put this lasso around you because I love you.” Right? “I’m trying to get you to do this or do that because I love you.”

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Running Time:  68 minutes

ISBN: 978-1-61544-217-1

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